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Quality Digest
October 2005
Quality Digest on The Ice Cream Maker
"The Ice Cream Maker" explains that while Americans have cornered the market on innovation, they lack in quality consistency", tells Quality Digest about The Ice Cream Maker...
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Quality Digest
October 2005
ASI -CG consultants hailed by Quality Digest
ASI-CG Chairman and CEO Subir Chowdhury and President and Senior Consultant Shin Taguchi featured in the cover story "Who's Driving Quality Today?"...
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Book Recommendations...
  "This is a must for your bookshelf"
R Gopalakrishnan - Executive Director, Tata Sons on Organization 21C
  "A book that can offer a good Return on Thought"
Feature on Subir's book Management 21C.
ASI-CG Chairman Bags Crosby Medal...
ASI-CG Chairman, Subir Chowdhury bags the prestigious Crosby Medal...

800-CEO-READ Blog
Setember 6, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: The Ice Cream Maker
800-CEO-READ blog recommends Subir Chowdhury’s book The Ice Cream Maker...
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  ASI launches initiative to "make quality part of America's corporate DNA.  
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American Society for Quality
June 15, 2004

Automotive Division of the American Society for Quality Annual Automotive Recognition Awards Banquet
Subir Chowdhury wins the Koth Award...
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  June 27, 2003  
American Society for Quality honors Subir Chowdhury
It was Subir Chowdhury's dream that a book he wrote would be as popular as Philip Crosby's Quality is free...
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  Quality Digest
April 5, 2003
A Quality Life
An overview of Genichi Taguchi’s contribution on the Quality industry and an interview with Shin Taguchi...
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  August 16, 2002    
Six Sigma expert Subir Chowdhury wins SME gold medal
Subir Chowdhury has done it again... Read all about this wonderful achievement...
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April 30, 2002
Talent Management System
Talent too often goes unrecognized at firms.

ASI (Adhesive and Sealants Industry) Magazine
May 22, 2001

Getting It Right 99.99966% of the Time
Magazine’s Editor-in-chief talks about Subir Chowdhury’s The Power of Six Sigma...
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February 25, 1997

Delphi Engineers Share SAE Top Honors for Excellence
Subir Chowdhury named co-winner of the 1996 Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Engineering by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)...
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San Francisco Chronicle

Commitment is magic in magic-bullet management schemes
Subir Chowdhury uses a fable to explain how the management strategy called Six Sigma works...
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Publishers Weekly

The Power of Six Sigma
What makes Subir Chowdhury’s Management 21C stand out is its engaging and simple approach intended for a broad audience...
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USA Today

The Power of Six Sigma by Subir Chowdhury explains the management process that Welch embraced...
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MRO Today

Six Sigma: The Human Side
Subir Chowdhury’s new book The Power of Six Sigma tells the story from the point of view of two fictional former coworkers...
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Profile of Subir Chowdhury
A profile of renowned quality strategist Subir Chowdhury...
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Six Sigma & Quality Management
Subir Chowdhury, the though-leader in quality revolution...
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"Using Taguchi's Methods Xerox's John Elter (VP & Chief Engineer in
Office Products Division) led the development of a new copier …. Which has captured 70% of the market."

FORTUNE (1998)
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"Robust Design provides the bridge - an avenue for achieving today's and tomorrow's
demand for quality, cost and delivery."

Actionline, AIAG
(May 1998)
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"Subir Chowdhury, ASI Executive V.P.: 21 Voices for the 21st Century."
Quality Progress (January 2000)
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Robust Engineering Eliminates Unnecessary Expenses at FORD."

U. S. Auto Scene
April 12, 1999
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