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Dr. Genichi Taguchi
Originator of Taguchi Methods and recipient of many awards for his contributions to the field of Quality Engineering.


Dr. Genichi Taguchi is the originator of Taguchi Methods which have profoundly influenced product development and engineering. Taguchi Methods improve product quality at the design stage by integrating quality control into the product design prior to large scale manufacturing.

Books Authored:

Dr. Genichi Taguchi authored more than 40 books and translated in several languages. Someof the recent books are:

  • 2004 - Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook (Wiley) Coauthored with Dr. Subir Chowdhury and Yuin Wu
  • Computer-based Robust Engineering (ASQ Quality Press) Coauthored with Dr. Rajesh Jugulum and Shin Taguchi
  • 2002 - The Mahalanobis-Taguchi Strategy (Wiley) Coauthored with Dr. Rajesh Jugulum
  • 2002 - Paradoxical Strategy for Technology (Japanese Standards Association)
  • 2002 - Technology Development Using Mahalanobis-Taguchi Systems (JSA)
  • 2000 - The Mahalanobis-Taguchi System (McGraw-Hill) Coauthored with Dr. Subir Chowdhury, Yuin Wu
  • 2000 - Technology Development in Electric and Electronics Systems (JSA)
  • 2000 - Performance Assessment for Robust Design (McGraw-Hill)
  • 1999 - Robust Engineering (McGraw-Hill) Coauthored with Dr. Subir Chowdhury and Shin Taguchi
  • 1999 - Taguchi Methods: My Way of Thinking (Keizaikai)
  • 1999 - Technology Development in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological Systems (JSA)
  • 1999 - Mathematics for Quality Engineering (JSA)


  • Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology (world level).
  • Willard F. Rockwell Medal excellence in technology by International Technology Institute (twice)
  • Deming Prize for contributions to the field of Quality Engineering (3 times).
  • Indigo Ribbon awarded by the Emperor of Japan.
  • Blue Ribbon Award presented by the Emperor of Japan.
  • Albert M. Sargent Progress Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).
  • Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee presented by the Automotive Hall of Fame.
  • Honorary Member by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).
  • Honorary Member by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • Honorary Member by the International Technology Institute (ITI).
  • Honorary Member of the Japanese Society of Quality Control.


bullet Subir Chowdhury, Chairman & CEO
bullet Dr. Genichi Taguchi, Executive Director
bullet Shin Taguchi, Chief Technical Officer
bullet Michael Kuppe, Executive Vice President
bullet Alan Wu, Vice President & Senior Consultant
bullet Jodi Caldwell, Director of Customer Service
bullet Steve Velick, CEO, Healthcare Practice



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