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The Talent Era


The Talent Era: Achieving a High Return on Talent
Author(s) : Subir Chowdhury
Edition : Hardcover, Dec. 17, 2001
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Talent is the true engine of the next economy.

Talented people aren't simply "knowledge workers". They're free agents, capable of bringing enormous value to the organizations they are part of, and they know it.

Organizations who want to maximize the value of talent need to act in radical new ways. In this book, world-renowned quality strategist Subir Chowdhury presents a powerful new blueprint for recognizing talent, rewarding it, and making the most of it.

Chowdhury reveals the seven key secrets of talent, then shows managers exactly how to measure Return on Talent (ROT)-and exactly how to enhance it. He also shows talented individuals exactly how to maximize their own talents-and maximize the rewards those talents can earn. Why does talent so often go unrecognized? Overcoming obsolete metrics, reward systems, and mindsets It's not just money. Competitive salaries are only one part of the solution Leading talented people. The new role of managers in the talent-driven organization 7 great ways to leverage talen.t Magnifying the value of your best people Introducing the "Talent Scorecard". Quantifying talent-so you can identify, recruit, retain, and nurture it. Encouraging managers to encourage talent What managers do when they are threatened by talent

Maximizing your #1 marketplace differentiator: talented people.

  • The 7 secrets of talent
  • The new talent value chain
  • The talent scorecard: measuring and enhancing ROT
  • Breakthrough approaches to recognizing and rewarding talent
  • Optimizing your own talents-and reaping the rewards!
  • Talented people are the LIFE-BLOOD of the profitable, innovative enterprise.

Talented people have choices. They can go anywhere. They're free agents-no less than ballplayers or movie stars.

This book is about helping you attract them, keep them, and make the most of them.

World-renowned quality strategist Subir Chowdhury presents a complete strategy for leveraging talent to increase business value. Chowdhury focuses on the real issues facing organizations seeking to utilize talent more effectively. You'll discover why there's more to attracting talent than inflating salaries, how managers handle talented subordinates, how to measure the value of talent and ROT, and much more.


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