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The Power of Six Sigma


The Power of Six Sigma: An Inspiring Tale of How Six Sigma Is Transforming the Way We Work
Author(s) : Subir Chowdhury
Edition : Hardcover
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Joe Meter was a bright, ambitious, young professional, with high hopes and dreams for his career. He and his college buddy, Larry Hogan, started at American Burger straight out of college, boasting new ideas of how they would someday lead the company.

Joe was promoted to management after a short period but soon stalled in his career, becoming increasingly disenchanted over the years as American Burger tried every management trend to boost profits – TQM, ISO 9000, and others – without much success. Now over 20 years later, Joe has been laid off, along with several other loyal, dedicated, and frustrated employees and wonders how he’ll recover – personally and professionally.

Larry, on the other hand, was transferred to another business of the parent company – American Pizza – shortly after Joe’s promotion and now runs one of the company’s most successful divisions as an executive.

The two old friends, out of touch for years, get reacquainted over lunch in the wake of Joe’s layoff. Through this encounter, Joe discovers the key to Larry’s – and American Pizza’s – success. It is the Power of Six Sigma. Six Sigma – a statistical measurement of only 3.4 defects per million – has been at the core of improved productivity, dramatically increased profits, and improved customer service. Achieving those improvements starts with acceptance –at every level of the organization. That’s where Joe and Larry step in, to deliver the message of the Power of Six Sigma.

The Power of Six Sigma is unlike any other book on Six Sigma. This fictionalized tale simplifies a complicated topic and through dialogue between Joe and Larry, explains the way Six Sigma works in a nonthreatening, easy-to-understand way. Everyone in the organization will learn what Six Sigma is and how it works.


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