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The Ice Cream Maker


The Ice Cream Maker
Author(s) : Subir Chowdhury
Edition : Hardcover
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The Ice Cream Maker is an intriguing story of Peter Delvecchio, the beleaguered Plant Manager of Dairy Cream, an ice cream manufacturing company. Dairy Cream is on the verge of closure with its sales at nadir. Peter reaches out to his former neighbor Mike McMaster of Natural Foods, who has a talismanic influence on him. Based on an engaging dialogue between Peter and Mike, internationally renowned management and quality strategist and best selling author Subir Chowdhury has revealed how Mike guides Peter to enable Dairy Cream to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, using the LEOSM concept - Listen, Enrich, and Optimize. This concept drives home the point of building quality in every aspect of the organizational culture, for businesses to become leading players in the global market and retain their position. In an easy to read and understand approach, Chowdhury gives an in-depth insight of quality leadership.


"Subir Chowdhury's mission is to make quality part of America's corporate DNA. The Ice Cream Maker is a great step on the path to this end."

Ken Blanchard
Co-author of The One Minute Manager and The Secret

"Excellent!! There are some great lessons for leaders contained in this book. The Ice Cream Maker is an enjoyable and insightful read, one that reminds you that the essential lessons of leadership, particularly in the quality arena, can be applied in any business."

Frederick Henderson
General Motors Europe

"Great book!!! The Ice Cream Maker should be mandatory reading for anyone entering the workforce."  

Steve Walukas
Vice President, Corporate Quality
Daimler Chrysler Corporation

"This business gem is short in length, but boundless in the depth of its insight and wisdom. If there is only one book and one author, I could recommend in the world of quality, it would be The Ice Cream Maker and Subir Chowdhury."

Marshall Goldsmith
Founding Partner of Marshall Goldsmith Partners and
Author of The Leader of the Future

"Fabulous! The Ice Cream Maker offers great illustration of the amazing results that can be achieved by engaging your entire workforce in the efforts to improve quality."

Lee A. Mundy
Executive Director, Strategic Quality Initiative
General Motors Corporation

"This is a book I have given to people on my staff and we will be using to implement some changes in the future. This will be an important part in 8cr?s future plans. Pick it up and learn."

Jack Covert
CEO of


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