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Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook


Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook :Improve Product, Process and Quality.

:Genichi Taguchi
:Subir Chowdhury
:Yuin Wu

Edition : Hardcover
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In the last fifty years, one man stands out as the driving force behind the quality revolution?  Genichi Taguchi. Now, in one handy volume, Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook presents all the methods and beliefs that have made Taguchi one of the most respected authorities on quality engineering and management in the world. No other single volume presents the full breadth of founding beliefs behind the successful engineering practices used by today's leading companies. Helpful to companies in both manufacturing and service industries, Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook provides accessible material on such topics as:

Quality Loss Function
On-Line Quality Engineering
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Robust Engineering
Design of Experiments (known as the Taguchi Method)
Mahalanobis Taguchi Systems (MTS)

Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook is a landmark resource for everyone interested in quality and engineering, from engineers and managers to upper-level VPs and educators.

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"Classic! This handbook is an excellent reference for engineers and quality professionals in any field."

Kevin W. Williams
Vice President - Quality
General Motors North America

"ITT has learned from experience that Dr Taguchi's teachings can prevent variation before it happens. This book is a great demonstration of this powerful approach and how it can make a meaningful difference in any type of business. It takes a dedicated engineering approach to implement, but the pay back in customer satisfaction and growth is dramatic."

Lou Giuliano
Chairman, President and CEO
ITT Industries

"Dr. Taguchi's enduring work is of great importance to the field of quality."

Dr. A.V. Feigenbaum
President and CEO
General Systems Company, Inc.

"This handbook represents a new bible for innovative technical leadership."

Saburo Kusama
Seiko Epson

"It is a very well thought out and organized handbook, which provides practical and effective methodologies to enable you to become the best in this competitive world for product quality."

Sang Kwon Kim
Chief Technical Officer
Hyundai Motor Company & Kia Motors Corporation

"For those who see the world as connected, this landmark book offers significant insights in how to design together, build together, and lead together."

Dr. Bill Bellows
Associate Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company

"Dr. Taguchi has been an inspiration and has changed the paradigm for quality with his concept of loss function. Robust Engineering is at the heart of our innovation process and we are proud to be associated with this work."

Donald L. Runkle
Vice Chairman and CTO
Delphi Corporation

"The elegantly simple Taguchi theory is demonstrated through many successful case studies in this excellent book."

Don Dees
Vice President, Manufacturing

"We have and are practicing the methods and teachings in this valuable handbook, it simply works."

Dr. Aly A. Badawy
Vice President, Engineering
TRW Automotive

"To have all of the theories and application of the lifetime of learning from these three gentlemen in one book is amazing. If it isn't in here you probably don't need it."

Joseph P. Sener, P.E.
Vice President, Business Excellence
Baxter Healthcare

"Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook is a continuation of the legacy by Dr. Taguchi, Subir Chowdhury and Yuin Wu in Robust Engineering which is increasingly being recognized in the automotive industry as a 'must have' tool to be competitive. "

Dan Engler
Vice President, Engineering and Supply Management
Mark IV Automotive

"Taguchi's principles, methods and techniques are a fundamental part of the foundation of the most highly effective quality initiatives in the world!"

Rob Lindner
Vice President, Quality, CI and Consumer Service
Sunbeam Products, Inc.

"The value of Dr. Genichi Taguchi's thinking and his contributions to improving the productivity of the engineering profession cannot be overstated. This handbook captures the essence of his enormous contribution to the betterment of mankind."

John J. King
Engineering Methods Manager, Ford Design Institute
Ford Motor Company

"I am glad to see that Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook will now be available for students and practitioners of quality and engineering field. The editors have done a great service in bringing out this valuable Handbook for dissemination of Taguchi Methods in quality improvement."

C. R. Rao, Sc.D., F.R.S.
Emeritus Eberly Professor of Statistics and Director of the Center for Multivariate Analysis
The Pennsylvania State University

"This book is very practical and I believe technical community will improve its competence through excellent case studies from various in this book."

Mitsuo Koitabashi
Executive Vice President

"Digitization, Color and Multi-function are absolute trend in imaging function today.  It is becoming more and more difficult for product development to catch up with market demand. In this environment, at Fuji Xerox, Taguchi's Quality Engineering described in this handbook is regarded as absolutely necessary tool to develop technology to meet this ever changing market demand."

Kiyoshi Saitoh
Corporate Vice President, Technology & Development
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

"In the today's IT environment, it is extremely critical for technical leaders to provide a effective strategic direction. We position Taguchi Methods of Robust Engineering as a trump card for resolving difficulty during stage of technology development. Technology is advancing rapidly and competition is getting global day by day. In order to survive and to win in this environment, we use Taguchi Methods of Robust Engineering described in this handbook to continue developing highly reliable products one product after another product."

Haruo Kamimoto
Executive Vice President

"I was in a shock when I have encountered Taguchi Methods 30 years ago. This book will provide a trump card to achieve improved Product Cost and Product Quality with less R&D cost, simultaneously."

Takeshi Inao
Executive Director
Isuzu Motor Co.
East Japan Railroad Co.


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