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Next Generation Business Handbook


Next Generation Business Handbook : A Crystal ball to the Future of Business.
Author(s) : Subir Chowdhury
Edition : Hardcover
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To stay ahead of the wave in today's rapidly changing business environment, successful business leaders must precisely forecast the future and efficiently employ new concepts and methods to drive their competitive edge ahead of their competition with improved processes and available products. To meet these goals, leaders are on a continual search to find the "Six Sigmas" of tomorrow that will replace the "TQMs and JITs" of yesterday.

The Next Generation Business Handbook culls the knowledge and experience of promising minds from the world's top business schools, such as Harvard, Sloan at MIT, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania , Kellogg at Northwestern University , Yale, London Business School , INSEAD, IMD Switzerland, amongst others. Under the leadership of Subir Chowdhury, a top business thinker, these international next generation thinkers discuss every aspect of business and lay the groundwork for the key business concepts of tomorrow.

The Next Generation Business Handbook offers a complete presentation of all aspects of considerations organized around Chowdhury's own next generation business model.

As seen from this NGB model, these six critical business areas are the key forces driving the excitement needs of the customers of today and the future. Keeping this in mind, this handbook is divided into six critical sections, entitled "Leadership," "Strategy," "Customer Management," "Entrepreneurship," "People Management," and "Networked Business."


"This handbook is for those who inspire others, for those who are focused more on people than on the individual, for those who celebrate diversity, for those who constantly search for the dream, and for those who want to reshape the globe of tomorrow."

-Subir Chowdhury

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"It is not very often that a book comes along that impacts your assumptions about business management and how it works. Subir Chowdhury's Next Generation Business Handbook is that kind of book. All leaders, managers, and academics would benefit from reading this handbook."

Jim Goodnight
President and CEO
SAS Institute Inc.

"The need for effective 'next generation' business leaders is high and the challenges facing them are great. This book is a valuable resource for emerging leaders."

John J. Donahoe
Worldwide Managing Director
Bain & Company

"This book is a must-read for success in
entrepreneurship. "  

Narayana Murthy
Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor
Infosys Technologies Ltd.


"Subir Chowdhury has created a masterful reference tool for all those who intend to gain insights on business leadership requirements in the years ahead."

J. D. Power III
Founder and Chairman
J. D. Power and Associates


"This is a valuable and carefully assembled road map for anyone planning a serious professional career."

Dr. Sidney Harman
Executive Chairman
Harman International Industries


"This compelling handbook weaves the best thinking on contemporary leadership and business strategies into a cogent, practical and stimulating framework for all of us on a leadership learning journey."

Robert G. Riney
Chief Operating Officer
Henry Ford Health System


"Chowdhury's Handbook is a blessing for the future leaders in our increasingly diverse and rapidly transforming world."

Eleanor M. Josaitis
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Focus: HOPE 


"Great! Subir Chowdhury has done it again. This classic handbook represents the cutting edge on thought leadership that is a essential read for academics and managers."

Dr. H.C. Peter Lorange
President and The Nestlé Professor


"For today's managers and leaders, Chowdhury's handbook is a valuable source of new thinking on today's fundamentals of management."

James A. Champy
Chairman of Consulting, Perot Systems
Co-author, Reengineering the corporation


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