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Design for Six Sigma


Design for Six Sigma : The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Profits
Author(s) : Subir Chowdhury
Edition : Hardcover
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Six Sigma-the near-perfect rate of only 3.4 defects per million opportunities and the management strategy to which Jack Welch attributes GE's phenomenal success-is on the list of all successful organizations as they navigate the road to dramatic profit increases and improved client satisfaction. Even with excellent Six Sigma implementation, most companies are able to achieve only Five Sigma, which is not enough in today's ultracompetitive marketplace. For the first time, leading quality expert and author Subir Chowdhury presents Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), a revolutionary five-step process that takes a company all the way to Six Sigma.

Chowdhury evaluated company processes based on the cash consumed and discovered that engineering stands out as a key function within any organization. The decisions made at the engineering level profoundly influence a company's subsequent budget. Therefore, the real opportunities for increased competitiveness come from the activities associated with the engineering department. DFSS attacks a company's problems at the product development stage and incorporates the need for quality products and increased profits.

In Design For Six Sigma, Chowdhury explains to managers and company decision makers how to fully reap the benefits of this methodology and become a market leader.
From the inside flap:

The ONLY way to achieve Six Sigma!

Achieving Six Sigma-the near-perfect rate of only 3.4 defects per million-is top priority for leaders of every successful organization who want to dramatically cut costs and increase profits and client satisfaction. Jack Welch credits this quality management strategy for GE's phenomenal success. But even with excellent Six Sigma implementation, most companies can still only achieve up to Five Sigma-not enough in today's ultracompetitive...


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