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Title: To Improve Quality, Don't Measure It

Author(s): Taguchi, Genichi
Extract: Focuses on the evaluation of quality and productivity. Traditional measures of product quality as negative; Quality Loss Function (QLF); Signal-to-Noise Ratios (S/N); Energy transformation.
Design News, 1/17/94, Vol. 49 Issue 2, p126, 1p, 1c
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Title: Copy This

Extract: Features Xerox Vice President and Chief Engineer John Elter's Clean-Sheet Digital Copier Design that won the 1998 `Design News' Quality Award. Other major quality awards won by Xerox; Design features; Formal benchmarking process; Implementation of quality using `Robust Design.'
Design News, 3/1/99, Vol. 54 Issue 5, p100, 6p
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Title: Design It Right The First Time

Author(s): Taguchi, Genichi
Extract: Discusses the importance of designing products at the lowest possible cost and in a manner that is least sensitive to uncontrollable variation. Steps in achieving a workable product design; Robust Design as a name to signify responsibility of product designer's mission in making the product least sensitive to uncontrollable variations; Importance of close partnerships between marketing, manufacturing and engineering
Design News, 9/20/93, Vol. 48 Issue 18, p254
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Title: The `Methods' of a Quality Master

Extract: Interviews Genichi Taguchi on quality engineering in product management. Role of top management in quality improvement; Differences between Western and Japanese managers in their approach to quality and research and development; Measurement of robustness; Measures importantance in technology development. INSETS: A quality engineering primer; `In-spec' versus meeting targets: Ford and Mazda; What is the price of the perfect product?
McKinsey Quarterly, 1992 Issue 4, p3, 15p
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Title: Robust Quality

Author(s): Taguchi, G.; Clausing, D.
Abstract: Stresses the importance of superior product design as a means of improving quality. High hidden costs of defective products; How design engineers and manufacturing managers can design quality into a product, rather than controlling it from without; Case studies. INSET: Taguchi's Quality Imperatives.; Orthogonal Arrays; Setting the rig.
Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb90, Vol. 68 Issue 1, p65
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Title: Quality by Design

Abstract: According to one expert, engineers save focus a great deal of time and money preventing fires instead of putting them out.
Action Line, The Magazine of the Automotive, Industry Action Group, May 1998
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Title: Robust Engineering: It's Gaining Steam to Slash Time and Costs in Product Development

Abstract: Difficult to define and vaguely understood outside the technical community, a concept called "Robust Engineering" is rapidly is becoming the auto industry's hottest new methodology to produce dramatic jumps in quality and reliability at affordable costs.
Ward's Auto World, March 1994
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Title: How to Bring Out Better Products Faster

Abstract: Discusses the approach of defect elimination that companies are using to design products that not only hold up well but satisfy consumers. Description of several products using this method; The Robust Design methods developed by Japanese quality pioneer Genichi Taguchi; How consumers are nearing zero tolerance of defects; The surge in quality and how it is acquiring a broader meaning; Enthusiasm for Taguchi at Ford.
Fortune, 11/23/98, Vol. 138 Issue 10, p238B, 8p, 7c
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Title: Prevention is the Cure

Author: Jusko Jill
Extract: Who Hasn't Heard of Six Sigma?
Whether it is due to efforts to instill quality management philosophy in their own companies or simply because the initiative has been widely publicized and promoted within industry during the last last several years, most manufacturers have some level of knowledge about Six Sigma methodology.
Industy Week, 12/02, p86

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Title: Design for Six Sigma

Author: Subir Chowdhury
Extract: Business theories come and go, but a new concept called Six Sigma has planted roots deep enough in the pantheon of Fortune 500 companies to stand the test of time. General Electric, Allied Signal, Caterpillar, DuPont, Sears, American Express, Merrill Lynch, Dow Chemical, United Technologies, Raytheon and Ford Motor Company, and others, have devoted a half-dozen years, well over a billion dollars,and hundreds of thousands of employees to the effort.
Actionline, 01/03, p16

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