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  About ASI Consulting Group, LLC


Internationally recognized as one of the world’s premier consulting firms, ASI Consulting Group, LLC (ASI-CG) executes strategies that improve product and process Quality, Engineering, and Innovation. ASI-CG technologies provide all industries flexibilities that minimize product development costs and product-time-to-market, efficiently increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and overall productivity through robust design of products, services, quality, and innovation in all its varied forms.

ASI-CG has serviced hundreds of customers in many industries. Many ASI-CG customers have received 10X to 200X ROI. Corporate wide Design For Six Sigma, Six Sigma and Robust Engineering deployments delivered financial improvements of billions of dollars for its customers. The concepts utilized by ASI-CG, which are practiced today throughout diverse industries, are defined and acknowledged as our modern day engineering methods and tools. Some of these include: Design For Six Sigma, Robust Engineering, Quality Function Deployment, Mahalanobis-Taguchi System, LEOSM (Listen-Enrich-Optimize), and Taguchi Methods.

Fortune magazine credited Robust Engineering as the essential tool system developers use to rescue U.S. businesses trying to improve product quality. These innovative technologies provide customers the path to market for increased profits and economic growth.

ASI-CG has consistently produced or embraced the world’s best thought leaders in Quality Engineering and Management. Quality engineering genius Dr. Genichi Taguchi and internationally bestselling author Dr. Subir Chowdhury (ASI-CG Chairman and CEO) are two who have developed innovative methodologies being used today to improve quality and increase product & process efficiency & effectivness.

ASI-CG drives innovation helping enterprises to become self-sufficient as rapidly as possible through project based knowledge transfer, training, and coaching of people at all levels.

ASI-CG methodologies are also reaching the mass public and being used in unique ways. Florida’s Orange County Jail exemplifies this, using LEO℠ concepts (presented in The Ice Cream Maker) to instill positive change in inmates. Their Juvenile Program Coordinator has stated that the concepts empower inmates with self-esteem and competency, by increasing their knowledge of problem elimination, decision choices, goals, and perceptions, thereby motivating personal change. One of the juvenile inmate stated  “This process….if followed correctly and, with intentions on making pure change and progress, it will show itself positively effective. So, I’ve been inspired to make my change.”


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bullet Management Team
  - Subir Chowdhury, Chairman & CEO
  - Dr. Genichi Taguchi, Executive Director
  - Shin Taguchi, Chief Technical Officer
  - Michael Kuppe, Executive Vice President
  - Alan Wu, Vice President & Senior Consultant
  - Jodi Caldwell, Director of Customer Service
  - Steve Velick, CEO, Healthcare Practice
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Genichi Taguchi & Subir Chowdhury have authored effective books & written detailed articles echoing the vision & culture of ASI...



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